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 Pastor Cox was saved on November 22, 1981 and surrendered to the call to preach in the Summer of 1992, at the age of 16.  He holds an Associates of Bible Studies Degree along with a Graduate, Masters, and Doctorate of theology.  Dr. Cox has served on the staff of the Anchor Baptist Bible College in Pisgah Forest, NC as a Professor instructing classes in Bible Geography, Problem Text, Cults, Bible Manners/Customs, New Testament Missions, and Pastoral Epistles.

Prior to coming to True Gospel, Brother Joe served as Pastor to four Independent Baptist Churches.  In 1999 he founded and began pastoring Biltmore Baptist Tabernacle in Asheville, NC, which moved to Fletcher, NC in 2001 and whose name changed to  Progress Baptist Church.  He was with this church until 2011.  He pastored Happy Valley Baptist Church for 2 years and Calvary Baptist Church for 2 years - both in Western North Carolina.  It was during this time that he taught classes at Bible College.  In 2016 He went on the Mission field to Bismarck, North Dakota and started Northwest Baptist Church.

He and his wife, Mrs. Melanie, have 6 children - Madison, MaKenzie, Maze, Maddux (Max), Mahlen, and Mariah, and their daughter, MaKenzie, is married to Brother Noah Pauley, a dynamic young preacher himself.    In addition to preaching and teaching, his family sings and many of them are talented musicians; some of the instruments they play include the piano, guitar, and mandolin.